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Jan 20 - Calvary Presbyterian Church, Indiana, PA

Feb 06 - Good Shepherd Nursing Home, Wheeling, WV

Feb 09 - Ballroom Dance, Duncansville, PA

Feb 10 - Ballroom Dance, Carlisle, PA

Feb 13 - Private Party

Feb 15 - Graystone Court Bellmeade, Altoona, PA

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Zupe is an accomplished composer and performer, currently residing in Windber, Pennsylvania. His published works have appeared on a variety of television programs, including "Dateline NBC," "America's Funniest Videos," "The Middle," and "General Hospital," as well as several shows on cable networks, such as A&E, Nickelodeon, and The History Channel.

Aside from writing and recording, Zupe performs as a solo artist on area stages, delighting audiences of all ages. "Zupe continues to be one of this area's top showmen," writes Jim Price of Pennsylvania Musician Magazine. "He's one of the finest performers I've ever known," says nationally recognized radio personality Dick DeAndrea.

In recent years, Zupe has become a leading voice in the production and performance of ballroom dance music. In the last year, alone, his ballroom venues have increased tenfold, while his annual ballroom dance performances, on Caribbean cruises, have exploded in popularity.

An excellent showman, musician, and composer who truly loves his audience and his life's work.

This is Zupe!