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Mar 27 - Luther Ridge, Chambersburg, PA

Mar 30 - Private Party

Apr 4-6 - New York

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Zupe has been entertaining and delighting audiences of all ages since 1987 ... all by himself. 

To say Zupe is a singing piano player is true ... to a point.  And it's fair to say he can play "Misty" with the best of 'em.  But the true Zupe experience is so much more than that.

First, there's the technology.  On stage, Zupe sounds like an entire band - drums, guitars, horns, even harmony back-up singers!  And all of this aural magic starts at Zupe's home, in his recording studio.  To make his arrangements, Zupe uses his computer like a glorified tape recorder.

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After Zupe works out an arrangement for a song, he'll start recording each of the instruments - one at a time.  Usually, he starts by playing drums and having the computer record it.  Then, when the computer plays the drum part back, Zupe will play the bass and the computer will record that, also. 

And so it goes, one instrument at a time, until Zupe has an entire band playing back (save for a few parts he'll perform on stage).  And, instead of bringing the computer on the road with him, he uploads his musical arrangements to a tiny little player that sits neatly atop his piano.

So whether he's performing his jazz and standards show, or his classic rock and 80's show, or his ballroom dance show, Zupe builds his songs the same way, every time.