Where's Zupe?

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Feb 15 - Ballroom Dance - Milton, PA

Feb 17 - Private Event

Feb 20 - Graystone Homestyle Restaurant, Johnstown, PA

Feb 24 - Zupe Cruise 3 Ballroom Dance Cruise!

Feb 25 - Zupe Cruise 3 Ballroom Dance Cruise!

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Want CDs?

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12 tracks of contemporary music that's perfect for ballroom dancing! But non-dancers will still find this collection worthwhile as Zupe and his various sidemen put together a stunning array of music in various genres!


An infectious blend of jazz, rock, and funk expertly played by a top-notch group of studio musicians.

Zupe's Christmas CDs

Here are selections from both of Zupe's Christmas CDs. Of course, they're not original. But the arrangements are cool!