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Sep 27 - Ballroom Dance, Altoona, PA

Oct 06 - Ballroom Dance, State College, PA

Oct 11 - Ballroom Dance, York, PA

Oct 12 - Private Event

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Zupe Cruise 4!

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"Zupe Cruise 4" sets sail on March 21, 2020, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Click here.

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Call 800-355-3017 ext. 29464 and book "Zupe Cruise 4" today!

Everyone's welcome to enjoy The Caribbean with Zupe, but to ensure adequate dance space and an enjoyable dance experience, the number of "dancing guests" is limited.  Non-ballroom dancers are still welcome to enjoy Zupe's shows (for listening), as well as partake in all the amenities and excursions Holland America Line has to offer.

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