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A lush, exuberant invitation: With his CD Dance, dexterous songwriter, vocalist, instrumentalist and producer Zupe explores a mélange of styles and genres from percussive Latin to smooth country, and connects them with vivid threads of rhythm and motion. Mixing instrumentals and vocal tracks with equal fluidity and pizzazz, Zupe and his cast of players evoke suave sophistication with a timeless request to move in tandem with the music. 

Dan Kimpel - Music Connection


Zupe revealed another angle of his diverse musical personality on Dance, a 12-song collection of ballroom dance-geared numbers.  But this was more than just a soundtrack for ballroom dance floor sessions; Zupe and songwriting collaborator, Dave Nichols, composed catchy melodies to represent each of the diverse musical and dance styles on the CD. 

The cha cha number “Dance For Me” would sound perfect alongside some of Santana’s recent pop-rock excursions; the two-step “Saturday Night Honky Tonk” offers as good excuse as any to break into line-dance formation; while other numbers like the sambas “Solamente La Samba” and “San Paulo,” the bolero “Belisima” and the mambo “Martinique Mambo” show Zupe’s convincing proficiency for worldly musical flavors.   

Zupe meticulously pieces all of these songs into smooth-sounding, polished and complete works.  Dance is more than merely a ballroom dance album; it demonstrates Zupe’s continued mastery of songcraft, composition and production wizardry. 

Jim Price -


Zupe is a very talented artist. This album is great listening, but is also aimed at the social ballroom dancing crowd. Whether you dance or just like to listen, you won't go wrong buying this album.

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